This small Australian business has been in production since 1996. We do not have a showroom at present. We are committed to bringing you the cheapest products possible without sacrificing service or quality.
Airsports does not carry unlimited stock but we will make sure that all items are delivered in the quickest possible time, usually only within a day or two.
We have recently been appointed the sole importer/distributor of the excellent range of Blejzyk and Kwarcinski glider kits, out of Poland.
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Click on a selection of pictures, to go to further information and prices. Not all items are always in stock, so email for availability.

Airsports is a cottage industry and all our Vector kits are hand cut and manufactured. With the Vector kits, we try to make the learning process as painless as possible by using materials which resist breaking, and we can offer advice and tips on request.
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We can take your order on line if you phone us on 0419 124 830 or by emailing us at,

Due to a huge amount of SPAM, we have removed the hyperlink to our email address. Just send us an email via your mail server, to:

We look forward to serving your RC needs.






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