Vector 400 LE
The Vector Flying wing is available as either an EPP Leading Edge slope combat soarer, or as a Speed 400 Electric powered model. The speed 400 is available in either full EPS or with the EPP leading edge.
Both models are based on the EH20120 airfoil, and have a wingspan of 1220mm.
The airfoil is ideal for its intended purpose, and has full span, progressive washout cut into it, during manufacture.
The Vector assembles very quickly, using standard sized servos and a rectangular receiver pack of 4 cells. If a radio with no electronic mixing functions is to be used, then a separate mixer will also be required.
The kit contains 2 rolls of coloured packing tape, rods, clevises, horns, coreflute tiplets,elevons,motor tray, propeller, velcro strips and various small items. The motor tray is designed to fit 7 - 8 cells, Esc and motor. The canopy fits over all theses items. You will also need sanding blocks, hobby knife or Dremel, small drill with 1.5mm bit, rule, small screwdrivers, epoxy, cross weave fibre reinforced filament tape, and 3M #77 spray adhesive, to finish your Vector. If you have difficulty sourcing electronic mixers, tapes, adhesive and other items, they are available from Airsports
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