The Kwarcinski Max, offers maximum bang for a minimum cost. Performance with a 3 cell lipo and a brushless motor, gives you vertical performance and high speed performance. The Max uses the well proven SD 7084, which is the same section used on the Starling.
The Max is also suited to slope and thermal flight and is an all round performer. The two-tone full GRP wings and tail units are already provided with skin hinging and holes pre cut for the servos. Colour coded fibreglass servo covers are also included with this kit. Threaded inserts for quick attachment of the wings, are also inserted into the fuselage, as is a fibreglass engine mount/former. Wire pushrods are installed in the pre installed V Tail unit, so there is a very short time required to get this bird into the air.
Span: 1,500 mm
Length: 985 mm
Profile: SD 7084
Weight (empty) 480 gms

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