Starling Pro Elektro

This is a 6 channel, aileron/flap/R/E or aileron/R/E model.
Wing span: 2000mm
Length: 1110mm
Wing Area: 35.25dm2
Stab. Area: 4.1 dm2
Wing Profile: SD-7084
Stab. Profile: NACA 63A008
Following our successful Starling Pro model, we are now offering an electric version which has had the fuselage redesigned especially for this application.
Motors of up to 40mm in diameter will fit into the fuselage, and it comes with the nose removed to fit a 30mm spinner. The nose can be cut to accommodate larger spinners, of course, and it is a simple matter to make a template to achieve this.
The Bowden cable outers are attached at the tail end of the fuselage and the V tails connections are simple to attach.
Wings and V tail units have moulded in winglets and skin hinges. Openings for servo installation are already cut and GRP covers in colour code are supplied.
KWARCINSKI models feature:95% Pre-fabricated construction.   :Fibreglass fuselage with carbon fibre and Kevlar reinforcements.   :Fully moulded wing construction, with factory hinged control surfaces using skin hinges. No further work is required on control surfaces.   :Steel joiners are installed. Even the holes for horns are already drilled.   :Similarly constructed stabilisers. Removable for transport.   :All hardware including: pushrods, horns, bolts, fuselage servo trays, wing servo covers, tow hook, etc. This range, features CNC accuracy and exquisite hollow moulding, with high gloss, pre coloured finish.
Initial settings for the Starling Pro:
CG location - recommended 70 - 78mm from the wing LE.
Elevator - recommended +/- 8mm measured at TE.
Rudder - recommended +/- 10 mm.
Aileron - recommended 11mm down-24mm up.
Flaps - 60 degrees down for landing.

Starling Pro - Ailerons, Flaps, V tail, 6 channel
JR375 or JR331 will fit for wings and fuselage.

  Prices are recommended retail, and subject to change, without notice. Call or email us for specials.