Starling Pro/Starling

This is a 6 channel, aileron/flap/R/E or aileron/R/E model, suitable for slope and thermal flying.
Wing span: 2000mm
Length: 1110mm
Wing Area: 35.25dm2
Stab. Area: 4.1 dm2
Wing Profile: SD-7084
Stab. Profile: NACA 63A008
KWARCINSKI models feature:95% Pre-fabricated construction.   :Fibreglass fuselage with carbon fibre and Kevlar reinforcements.   :Fully moulded wing construction, with factory hinged control surfaces using skin hinges. No further work is required on control surfaces.   :Steel joiners are installed. Even the holes for horns are already drilled.   :Similarly constructed stabilisers. Removable for transport.   :All hardware including: pushrods, horns, bolts, fuselage servo trays, wing servo covers, tow hook, etc. This range, features CNC accuracy and exquisite hollow moulding, with high gloss, pre coloured finish.
Initial settings for the Starling Pro:
CG location - recommended 70 - 78mm from the wing LE.
Elevator - recommended +/- 8mm measured at TE.
Rudder - recommended +/- 10 mm.
Aileron - recommended 11mm down-24mm up.
Flaps - 60 degrees down for landing.

Starling Pro - Ailerons, Flaps, V tail, 6 channel

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